Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen

( Testimonial Time )

How do our emotions effect a healthy way of living?

I personally am living with damaged emotions, that’s a whole other story

If I allow my emotions to go unchecked, I wouldn’t get out the bed, I would probably be angry, full of jealousy, resentment, rage, depressed and a Hater. I most likely would be mentally sick. But I chose not to walk that path.

nevertheless, the emotional side of me go through a metamorphosis several times a day

I have learned to identify what triggers an unpleasant emotion and put them in their proper place.

according to my priorities and goals that need to be achieved for that day.

I must pause, breath and shift my thinking to something more pleasant.

I also keep handy reminders around near, there is always a text in my phone things to remember me, to stay on task of living this healthier life.

I began to rest well at night meditating on happy thoughts

I began to relieve stress by exercising and meditating on action

I began to recognize what emotional eating look like and is able to stop myself

I drink 3000ml (6) water bottles anyway even when I don’t want to.

That’s how I am able to deal with my emotions, it is easily said than done, but everyday practice brings me closer to becoming well balanced.

Please Share, what your emotional health look like in a course of a day….

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