Deeply sadden

At a lost for words. Today I am reminded again  how short life can be. 2 of my childhood friends came to my house and spent the day with me. We all sat around the table, Talking about the fun things we did, the stupid things we did. And just swapped stories about our children. We all graduated 8th grade together. Couldn’t quit remember the incident that happened on the 8th grade trip from Springfield, the Capitol of Illinois. That was a huge


accomplishment 25 years ago. Now the children go to the white house or the other states. Nevertheless, my heart is heavy right now. I’m not understanding the news I just received through social media. A beautiful young women I met last year got a wings today. She made her transition. She lost the battle with sarcoidosis but won the victory to become pain and suffering free.  I must say I’m a little confused and my faith is shaken. You see, she was In  a coma a month or so ago. I don’t know all the details. But I talked to her on a few ocassions. Once last year and once this year. This young woman was determined to live. I saw a plea for help a few days ago on Facebook. She was really speaking out about her illness. Now I’m wondering why some of us are allowed to live and others are not. You see a few years ago and very young lady in her early 20’s suffered a heart attack, had a stroke, went to the hospital and never came back home. She left behind 2 small children. When I learned of her death. I felt guilty. I had a major stroke in 2007, early on the pain was so intolerable, I wanted it to br over. I had a Stent in my head to drain the access blood and drainage. I was miserable everyday. I asked the one I thought was responsible for me being in that condition to finish me. But he didn’t. I wanted the pain to be over. I was being tormented day and night.

My question is why do some make it and some don’t. Why??? I was the one who didn’t want to make it early on. But somehow, my desire to live came back around to help me focus on living. Now I get up looking forward to living. But today. I’m just gonna sit right here in my emotions, I’m just gonna remain Stuck for a moment. Just got a moment as I ponder about life and death. Please take carful note the picture of the little is Veronica Coney at the tender age of 7 in second grade.

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