Negative Thinking

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen

( Testimonial Time )


My Thinking Concerning My health is constantly being bombarded by negative thoughts,


they go something like this

” you fat”, “you ugly”,” you aint never gonna be healthy”,

“you gone die soon”, “you gone hurt your ankle if you go to the gym today”

” people that drink to much water has diabetes” and much more, because my body has been compromised from a brain stroke years ago. I have to constantly redirect my thinking and replace it with an overcoming dialogue, I intentionally make every effort to offset these negative thoughts by reminding myself, I am in control of my thought life.


I remind myself, I am healthy I will continue to practice healthy thoughts.

I tell myself how beautiful I am and how im not out of shape, I go to the gym anyways and continue to drink my daily amount of water. I replace all the insignificant noise with positive thoughts, I remind myself how beautiful the trees, grass and the flowers are. I totally redirect my attention in something life giving


I practice, practice, practice, read inspirational books, watch inspirational DVDS, overall, l can be found speaking life to my thinking to stay in control of my thought life,


it is a practice for me.


Please share how you deal with negative thinking concerning your health


please share in the comment section below

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