Condolences to the Thompsons Family

Wow, yesterday took me by suprise, I

wasn’t expecting to get a phone  call like this in the afternoon. When I look at who was calling my heart sank. It felt like my heart had fell in my stomach. My mom was standing right next to me taking down my hair.  Seem like I heard hers fall to. We both sat there in disbelief. We knew this day was coming , but how can you be prepared for some news like this. Everyone love Sis.  You see we moved next door to the Thompsons in 1979, the same year my little sister was born. I was born in 1976, a very little curious, adventurous child. My younger brother is one year younger than i.  My oldest brother was born in 1969. I was like 3 when we moved in 6831, and on our left was 6833 and on the right 6829 the Johnsons. These are our childhood memories. My heart is still heavy. As she continued to take down my hair. I began to feel her state of shock. We both knew one day we will both have lay in state. I can’t put words to describe the feeling. Then I got another phone call asking me did I know about Sis. You see everyone in this neighborhood grew up together. So when one family hurt, the community feel it. Everyone love Sis. This gentle elegant woman watched all of us grow. As I take that trip down memory lane. Her mere presence stopped us little curious Children  from doing many ungodly things. Now I appreciated her sitting on the porch, she must of have known we were up to no good. I can’t tell how many times we would just sit there and be anxious. I remember when I moved out on my own a young mother with children I would come visit my parents, and the block would be filled with 6833 family members cars, I use to be angry because I had to park down the street and walk back.  But today i realize how silly that was, Today i understand that her family loved her so much. They would come on the weekends just to be in her presence . Also I want to add all families has their ups and downs in and outs. But with the Thompsons Family all I saw was unity. They really celebrate each other. The apples dont fall to far from the tree.  Thompson lived a long uplifted life. Her presence on this earth will continue to live through her children, grand children and great grands. May her soul Rest and her spirt live forever. May God hold and comfort the Thompson Family.


As I continue to think about the love Sis had in her heart. I remember her watching us when we were super little. I don’t ever remember her being unkind to anyone. I knew nothing about Sis past only her presence, her going to work coming home supporting her family. She raised some amazing children. I can say maybe one or 2 occasions I might not have seen eye to eye with one of the Thompsons, neighbors always have small trivial  disputes. But when I had that Stroke in 2007. The love I received couldn’t compare to any small disputes. I just want the Thompsons to know that you are Loved. And I appreciate

living next door to the Thompsons, one other thing. I want to apologize about chief. I know he didn’t smell the best on those hot summer days. When everyone just wanted to enjoy a cool breeze. I apologize for my dad. But he got to answer to that. Hope you find love, humor, understanding, joy and celebration through this difficult time

Her baking of sweets was delicious,
I remember those cakes. As a child.

You are indeed loved and we’ll respected will be missed. Claremont just  ain’t the same no more.

Veronica Coney with much love and support to The Thompson Family

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