Ms. Etta Thompson! She is A Notable! ” Matriarch”

Ms. Etta Thompson passed away today, most of you guys don’t know her, but to me she is notable enough to share some thoughts about her with you guys.

She was my first next door neighbor, from my earliest of memories, she was there… This is back when a neighbor felt more like extended family. I can’t think of any moment…not a single one where she was anything less than respectful. Looking back at it…I learned a lot from her mannerisms… In order to be respected, one must master respect.

She was one of those people ya felt would just be around forever, I’m smiling right now because as a kid, it was a treat to be invited over for a slice of her home made cake… That was some good frikkin cake.

She worked daily and she retired, I’d call that a full life…raised her children, and her children are even grandparents at this point…that’s the way it should be ya know.

She was at my wedding reception, and that was a surprise for me… I’m even more honored at this moment. Sometimes it’s better when a good person celebrates your moments, instead of filling up seats. I have my own special memory with her now.

The family are just good people…private and respectful… That’s just what Etta was too…private and respectful.

I’m sure the family is grieving right now…I do believe she was the matriarch of the family…and often times just that presence alone is the glue that holds everything together. I hope they know their beloved one was one that everyone should have had an experience with, so they can share the good memories with as well.

Farewell sis, you are one of the most respectful women I’ve ever met. An awesome neighbor and another motherly figure. I hope ya wings come to you soon, and rest easy, you prepared ya family well.

Claremont ain’t gonna be the same without ya… And rightfully so smile (emoticon)

A prayer for those left behind will be appreciated.

I had to revise this, I’d missed something…

This must be said… What I respect most and will remember most about Sis… It didn’t matter what the circumstance was…now whom might misunderstand or even be offended… She had unconditional love for her beloved ones. Good or not so good…she did what was best for them at the moment that they had need.

It’s always been that way…it’s what I’d always seen. Love with no condition. I’m glad to have witnessed it. Thanks Sis… By Vaughn Varaski Coney July 15, 2015

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