Eight Years, Ago Today It Happened

Eight years ago today it happened, July 24, 2007, the day my life changed forever.
Never thought there would be a day I could talk about it without crying, now I can write about it without getting emotional or asking God why me. It happened a week after I gave birth to a 7 lb. 9 oz.. brown baby girl, with huge black eyes, A little fuss box that burped like a truck driver.
How did I survive, when all the odds were against me. My intracranial pressure was noted being 45, learned later that people die at 25.I survived a brain stroke. I should have went to see a MD the first time I felt that sharp pain in my calf, but silly me was busy working and ignored it, thought it was just aches and pains from being pregnant and working long hours on my feet. I completely ignored that sign. Still traveled south earlier that year, my aunt had passed of lung cancer. We took a long 8 hour drive there and back from the funeral. It was said that my aunt was born with a veil over her face, meaning she knew things. My mother shared with us, something my aunt said before she died. She said, “something bad was going to happend. Her and I would come to grips with a recovery path. Good thing we both were young., she said she didn’t know if it was going to be one of her children or my mom’s children. Well I tell you this something bad did happen. It was on both sides. You see, my grandmother (my mom’s mother) only had 2 daughters and those two daughters had 4 children each. But both had many children that died. Mainly stillborn, my mom had children that lived a few days then died. But the thing we thought she was talking about was, my cousin, she was in a very bad car wreck, and suffered a traumatic brain injury that almost cost her her life. She just graduated high school and was on her way to college. All that change She was maybe eighteen and I was thirty-one when this thing happened. So something bad did happened. My aunt just knew things. She would hear ringing in her ears, that meant someone was going to die she knew. It was weird and scary but that’s the way it was. I just wished, she could have warned me to be more careful with my health. But then again as I think about it. I needed to slow down, I was moving way to fast. I am glad I’m here today writing this short account on the anniversary of when it all went down.
To say the least, I want to encourage everyone that took the time to read this.
To please listen to your body, no matter what, even if it come at an inconvenient time. Check on yourself.
You can get everything back but time and another you.
This is me Veronica Coney telling you to take care of yourself,
Lord and behold, I am still here 8 years later even though I
still have weaknesses

Nevertheless I made it out alive.
And I’m darn sure I will take care of this body of mine.
All that to say. If we hear our bodies talking to us we better listen

Peace & Blessings I am determined & dedicated to living an uplifted life.

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