What triggers stress in my life

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen
Testimony Time
What triggers my stress

Outside of the children whining, and not getting the desired help and cooperation around the house.
There are more external things I cant control that stresses me completely out.

While dealing with stress, what stress you might not stress someone else.
Stress can do one or two things and possible more. For some of us stress might cause us to shut down. And avoid whatever it is that’s stressing us. And others might find solutions to get rid of the stress. While dealing with difficult people, I usually take a look at myself. I try as much as possible, to not allow anyone to have control over my mind, body or soul ( emotions ). Yes I can go to 0 to 100 in a matter on 0.1 seconds.

That will do more damage to me in the long run.

Example a trigger for me is when I make it an effort to clean in front of my house on a daily. What grind my gears. Is when people throw their trash on the ground right in front of where I live, they have no regard for the person had is trying to keep it clean. The biggest thing that really rub me the wrong way is when I use public transportation, and sit in the disabled section on the bus. And its crowded, an elderly get on the bus and everyone looks at me to get up. Like I am suppose to get up. I get livid on the inside because they don’t understand my condition. I cannot afford to fall down or the elderly person for that matter. But because of the misunderstanding I start feeling a certain type of way. At these moments of stress because of a lack of understanding on both ends my end and theirs.
I try to reason with in myself. Talk to myself to let it go. And say, they just don’t understand, just because I look normal. Doesn’t mean I am not dealing with a serious balance issues. Then the looks keep getting intense and I feel like stating my claim. But I live in the inner city of Chicago and want to make it home alive and in one piece. I have learned that we all are entertaining preconceived notions. These thoughts and ideas lead us with a distasteful notion about others that lead to insecurities. Im thinking ill about them and they are thinking ill about me. We all take this ill negative energy with us everywhere we go. We tend to dump it on our loved ones causing friction in our relationships. So my triggers are being misunderstood. It cause me a great deal to stress because I cant express myself to people I don’t know and will never see.

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