Life Will Happend at the most Inconveint Times

Good Day  Ladies & Gentlemen

Testimony Time

Life will happen at the most inconvenient times.

Life can be extremely stressful, this thing called life can happened at any giving moment. It can go from having an unplanned pregnancy to a sudden death on a split second. Your life can be changed instantly by a freak accident. Unfortunately, we can’t control certain events and outcomes. But we can control our decision making on certain events and outcomes.

I had just finished nursing school for my LPN, took the state board, passed got my license, got pregnant in 2006, worked my but off while pregnant and all having 3 other small children. Didn’t know I was single and pregnant , life was moving me so fast. It didn’t register that I was working a full time job and a part time job on the weekends. Sometimes working 16 hours shifts and two sides at the same time, getting paid double for my trouble, but at the same time risking my health for a few extra bucks. Nobody could have told me June 30, 2007 would be the last day I worked a job because I would have suffered a brain stroke and become totally paralyzed on the left side of my body. Making it impossible to practice CPR on a patient that might have stopped breathing for some strange reason. No one could have warned me that my health was in jeopardy. I can say I would not have believed them. Believe me if we don’t take the time to pay attention to what Life is telling us. The stressors of life, will sneak up on us and take us by surprise.

Can you identify some invisible stressors that is speaking to you.

Share what you have identified as a possible treat to your well being

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