Solutions For Stress

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen
Testimonial Time

As said before life can be extremely overwhelming, stressful events can take place several times a day.
Yelling at the kids, getting everyone ready for school and you got that one child that refuses to comply with the rules. Rushing to work do an 8 hour shift only to rush back home cook dinner, you forgot to pay the light bill, now you have a late fee. Just because you forgot. The girls has to be at dance the same time as your sons football game. And your significant other seems to think you can handle it all. You think they should ask you, if you need them to do something, but you think they should offer to help. Besides you didn’t have the children alone. You guys haven’t talk in years. Your communication is off balance. Situations like these can be not only stressful but also dysfunctional

As for me it took a long time for me to stop spinning my wheels and ask for help. As a single mom. I had to realize I need some support. Not only to help pick a child up and take them to a dance class or a game., but also for my mental health. So joining a parent support group, works for me. I had to make myself understand I was one person and had to give myself permission to be ok with missing a game or I wasn’t able to make the parent meeting. And it does not make me a bad parent, I stopped yelling at the kids. And stopped stressing about the house being super clean. I am learning to live in the present one day at a time. Learning that an early grave does not have my name on it.

Please Share what solutions you have come up with to manage stress?
Comment in the comment section below.

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