What is Your Body Trying To Tell You?

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen
Testimonial Time

Potential threats to the body!
Have you ever wonder when and how a health issue started. Like was there a warning sign you ignored or something. As I look back I often wonder what really was the cause of that kind of stroke. SAH ( subarachnoid hematoma ) that was a major stroke, was it because the Dr. told me to push at 7cm, because the baby heart rate had dropped, or just before that I was throwing up feeling real funny. Could it had been those cramps in my legs that came and went, on top of that I drove 7 hours south for my aunt funeral then the 8 hours back very pregnant. Or what about a few years prier to 2007, went out with what was a few friends went bad when someone got into an altercation while drinking, and I got hit in the head by a thrown glass bottle. Now to this day I have learned to listen to my body, and hear what it is saying to me. My knees tell me when cut down my portion sizes. My chest tells me to slow down im eating to fast. Our bodies are always trying to tell us something. Sometimes we must slow down and listen. To what it is saying.
Take time and think about what your body is telling you
Share your thoughts on what your body is telling you.
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