What Are Our Bodies Trying To Tell Us about the Food We Consume?

Good Day Ladies & Gentlemen
Testimonial time

What are our Body telling us about the foods we put in our bodies.
It might take a lifetime to hear correctly what our bodies are saying about certain foods we love, that is not the right fit for us. Our bodies will definitely let us know if we just listen.
I said last week that my knees will let me know when its time to cut back on the portion size. Same thing with our bodies and food, the master which is my stomach was able to tell me, to give up whole milk and replace it with 2% milk, now im down to almond milk., as our bodies get older, it would make great sense that we begin to listen more to hear what our bodies are saying.
My body is beginning to tell me to let go of the sweets as I get older, the bodies inability to breakdown the glucose get more difficult as I get older, my body is saying, im not that teenager, anymore, that can easily go burn those calories because she is constantly on the go. If I don’t move around, energy will not get produced to get things moving, and burn off that extra stuff so the hormone the allows the pancreases to keep producing the correct amount of insulin. If that hormone is not produced, my body is in some trouble, I will be well on my way to pricking myself with needles. I will rather listen closely to what my body is saying about the foods I put in it.
I am pleased to say knowledge is power and it would be wise for me to hear what my body is saying about this sweet tooth

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