What are Our Bodies Trying To Tell Us.

Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen
What are our bodies trying to tell us about our weight?

For me I have never been very small in size. Small in stature yes, but never very small.
My body and I often have this conversation about my weight, and it do a great job of letting me know when to move away from the table. The flip side of this, is this other conversation I am having with the Ego that wants to live for the ( Pride of Life )
Meaning this ego want to front around and be someone important and be a competitor of who looks the best. According to what society deem as perfect and beautiful.
Nevertheless, I found that being me just plain ole me is more comfortable and more rewarding and much easier. So after the Ego and I had this great big falling out. I decided it was best for me to become healthier all across the board.

One of the things my body tell me often and I do mean often. My knees start hurting when I go a bit over board, I learned this a few years ago. I was complaining to my doctor that my knees where hurting yes both of them. I had packed on a lot of extra pounds. After I had the stroke at age 31, and came home from the hospital, I had no appetite at all. My family tried everything so I could eat to and become stronger, I think it was the apple cider vinegar or the grape juice. I cant pin point what it was, all I know is when it came back, I made up for every skipped meal. I ate so much my sister was telling me it was gonna catch up with me, guess what it did. Walking down the stairs one day. It came to me my knees was telling me I was hurting them. I can’t say that was the day I cut back. I know the last time I weighed myself at my sister’s house was in early part of 2012 I was 215 pounds. The biggest I had ever gotten, and was not with child. I looked up again toward the latter part of the year I had lost 45lbs, to this day still losing 37 pounds. It is not no joke trying to keep it off. Stress is one of my main enemies, fighting to keep it off. Oh and my stomach has a funny way of letting me know its getting to close to my lap. The skin will begin to peel where the crease is, that area become very sore and skinless. Im grateful for this trigger. Because the way my body is set up. I cant afford that extra weight in that area. Belly fat is the worst fat. After all that has went on with my body, I can not afford ignore any signs and symptoms. When she  talks to me, I listen.

Please share an incident, where your body has spoken to you or you are beginning to listen more to what your body is trying to tell you?

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