What Decision are we making while Stuck in our Feelings

Good Morning Ladies,
Testimonial Time:

Defining Self- Care, this mean more than just, Good Hygiene and nice clothes, and going out on a ladies night with your closest girl-friends.
Its much more to Self-care, not only is this term used for those that has suffered some form or abuse or for the preventive diseases. Its much more than that.
Self-care is exactly what it is: you taking good care of you.
I got a confession, when I was growing and developing as a young women, I wasn’t taught the deep things of self- care relating to the things women go through and not men. I was taught good Hygiene skills. But where I lacked was taking care of myself emotionally, mentally and even physically, I lacked being skillful in these areas. I based a lot of my decision making off of false feelings and fake love, in turn I made some very unhealthy choices. These choices left me, puzzled and confused as a young adult. One of the main bad choices I made, was rebound relationships, this caused me to never stop looking for peace in someone else. Which caused much disappointment and pain. I remember this one guy I called by boyfriend. Was going with me and somebody else at the same time and we both knew it. That lasted for a long while, he would take turns with us, me in the evening and her at night. They even had a child together. I recall one afternoon my mom and I was at a grocery store. And we all bumped into each other, yes it went to throwing blows at each other right in the store, they had their child with them. I can say that was the day I smelled the coffee. It was nothing he could say to fix that. I don’t know what happened to her to this day. That just goes to show us how faulty our emotions can keep us bound in an unhealthy situation. And the sad thing is once I got out of this one, I jumped right into another unhealthy relationship. That caused more damage to my self-esteem that the first guy did. It kept happening over and over again until 2007, after that stroke, I re-evaluated everything and everybody.
I wasn’t taking good care of myself at all. I look back on those days and say what the heck was I thinking. I was his doormat. A toy he used and threw away.
Take some time a consciously think are you taking good care of yourself? Either way post your findings in the comment section below.

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