Dealing With A Distorted Mentality / Prioritizing your Mentailty

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen
Testimonial Time

As we deal with ( what are our bodies telling us about Self – Care, prioritizing our mentality,
Meaning the things we think about the most, Can be quickly replaced with something more life giving. This is no easy task, Nevertheless it can be done.
Practice, practice and more practice will ensure that you can indeed control your own thinking and create a healthy long-term mentality.
I still catch myself allowing my thinking to get away from me. My son is developing a sense of independence, that’s healthy for him and challenging for me. When he is outside of the house, I have to constantly remind myself that he will be making his own decisions one day. And that I should not worry about him, that he has proven worthy of being responsible in many areas of his teenage life. My mind often make assumptions that he is laying in the alley dead or someone is beating him up. Then I search where these ideas and notions come from.
As I search, I find that these preconceived notions came from trauma I had experienced as a child growing up in a harsh environment. That’s why my mind gravitate to all negative feelings, because it can relate to that feeling of fear, anxiousness and worry.
But the cure is found in renewing your mind, evaluate every little thought and look for its origin.
Can you relate to thinking on things that serve no purpose?
Even things that might cause a distorted mentality?
Post your findings in the comment section below!

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