An Indicator That You Might Be Rushing Through Life

Good  Late Evening Ladies & Gentlemen

Testimonial Time
I am no expert and far from perfect. But what I do know about life, is that, we have the ability to take control over our destiny, we can turn a bad habit into a good more better / healthier habit through practice. Nevertheless, if we practice anything other than living in the present, we can miss the opportunity to sharpen our craft.
I recall a time In my life, I moved so fast I could hardly tell when the seasons would change. I wouldn’t be prepared. I rushed through everything and didn’t enjoy anything. There was a time in my life, when my feet hit the floor in the morning. I would take off running. I ran to the bathroom, hurried and showered, hurried and got dressed, everything was a hurry! Hurry! Hurry! And grab something from the fast food places. Hurry and eat, hurry throw it away, hurry and get out of there. Hurry to work. Hurry to finish a days work. Then hurry get the children and hurry home and hurry make a quick fix meal or fast-food. As I look back, I never took the time to thank the creator for another day to get it right. With all My hurrying through these days I forgot how to live. When we live a life like this, it is hard to keep tack with good memories, Somehow they get caught in the rush and are stuck there, and its hard to find them, because they are being held hostage by a rush.

Please share if you can identify with the need to slow down a little or a lot. Comment in the section below

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