How Did I Know I was in a Toxic Relationship?

Testimonial Time.

Good Morning Ladies

How did i know I was in a Toxic Relationship?

Now that I can go back down memory lane. One of the first signs I can point out was feeling drained 90% of the time, whenever we were in the same place, as I think back we argued about everything and we had absolutely nothing in common, I was never fully happy in this relationship, the second thing was I couldn’t be myself, I actually changed and conformed to his likeness, I wore clothes and did things that he would approve of. The 3rd he would say little sneaky nasty things to me, like your fat ass or you silly as hell, now that I understand this man was putting me down in a sneaky way. The 4th thing I notice is both of our inability to communicate, we were having 2 different conversations at the same time. I could not open up and tell him how I felt. I will take responsibility for my own selfish way of communicating. He couldn’t open up to me. Oh and the last thing I recall about this relationship, is this thing I got caught up in and that was the guilt I fell victim to, This person had a special attraction that forced me to feel guilty about wanting to call it quits and end this Toxic Relationship.

So I found myself forgiving the most rude and unseemly behavior known to man. It was a Pathetic situation, I know call it Pathetic Love, I was in a very Toxic Pathetic Situation and was stuck in hopelessness. this guy and I were two totally different people, I worked and he didn’t, I want much more out of life and he didn’t. I was embarrassed to be him around my family and friends, because they knew I had settled for far less than what I desired. It was a confusing situation, one day I wanted to be free from the weight that this thing had me entangled in, then the next day I was feeling sorry for him. It was Sicken to my stomach, back then to be passionate about someone, more than I was passionate about myself. Was draining every ounce of life I had in me. Now I have a better understanding of, how this Toxic Relationship was one of the main Contributors of the type of stroke I had. We must be careful who we share our health with.

Pathetic Love will drain the life out of you. I am lead to believe, that these blood suckers of life, gain strength off our weaknesses.

Share your thoughts if you can Identify, with Pathetic Love? Tell your story.

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