Living in Dysfunction

Dysfunction-the condition of having poor and unhealthy behaviors and attitudes within a group of people

according to the online Webster dictionary,

sometimes I ask myself how do we create a normal way of living when everyone is accustom to avoid their problems by cursing, fussing, yelling and blaming others for their own individual problems, so you will feel sorry for them. There is a thin line between having compassion for a person and being a person enabler, You are constantly saving them from their own self- destruction. This type of behavior is extremely exhausting. Living in an undisciplined environment  can tear one down. make you feel like you are doing everything wrong,  when in fact you are doing everything right. Because you want to set healthy boundaries for yourself and others around you. You might want to grow mentally or become more disciplined in things that will enhance your life. You might want to be brave and take on a new challenge in your life. But then those around you might not want to encourage you to do the best you can. Instead of helping you reach your full potential. they might subconsciously come against your efforts, by sneak dissing you. You might have a goal. Getting up earlier taking a walk in the park or cleaning up a old cluttered closet you have been procrastinating about. There are things you want to do in order to grow in life. But you got those around you. That is nagging you telling you that it is not going to make a difference, the closet is going to get right back cluttered. Or you don’t have to get up that early. Just to walk in the park. I tell you the truth. Sometimes you are just going to have to leave some people you love where they are. And take your own journey through life. No one will understand your thoughts and what moves you into taking action. No one will ever want you to be a better person, if it will make them look like a bad person. recognize dysfunction, it is a mind set of not reaching your full potential. it is a collection of bad habits and behaviors fused into a personality that make people stuck being under-developed for their age. Be aware of these people, some of them we love dearly but we just have to leave them where they are.

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