How Do I Control Toxic Emotions?

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How do I take control of toxic emotions

I think and I analyze everything, I know that there are no bad emotions, all emotions are intuitions that alert us that something is going on, weather good or bad we must make a rational decision on how to react. That will turn out to be the best for all involved parties.

It once wasn’t like this for me. I ran and made the most terrible decision based off what I was feeling, and I can tell you the majority of the times, it was feelings of temporary anger that I forced myself to make. Truth be told I had an abortion based off fake feelings, that was the most devastating thing I have ever done in my life. I was fearful and embarrassed, those two emotions over through the greater good in the situation. Now I know, it is nothing in the world that can upset our feelings so bad until we make a life changing decision based on a fake temporary feeling of fear, for years after that I suffered with regret, shame and resentment toward myself. Repairing these damaged emotions is no easy task. My best conclusion I came up with is being able to control my emotions, is to PAUSE! THINK! THINK! THINK! Then slowly respond logically and stay calm as possible. Be an Optimistic.

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