What are you Thinking 90% of the time?

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen


Testimonial Time


As much is I think of myself a thinker and a reader, I googled how many thoughts we think per minute, what I found was astounding, some researchers have found that, we can think 50, 000 – 70,000 thoughts per day, this one particular google thread said we can think 35-45 thoughts per second, after doing the math, of thinking just 35 thoughts per second, that’s 2,100 thoughts per minute and 50,400 thoughts per day.

The first question I had for myself was, what the heck am I thinking about 90% of the time. I began to actually think about what I have been thinking about. I had started this study about 6 months ago, and somehow my thoughts had gotten away from it. This lesson comes at a time, a few weeks ago. when our family therapist were discussing mindfulness therapy ( a mental exercise that helps prevent depression ) nevertheless, we are using it to try and focus more on positive thoughts, I have  had multiple traumatic experiences in my life and the latest one have trickled down to my children. That is causing a lot of discomfort in my household, with unbalanced emotions and much outburst of anger and raged. So one of our exercises is to focus our thoughts on an object and when our thoughts stray away from that object, we must come right back to that object with emotions still intact. It is a serious practice that take much hard work. But it is worth the practice, that will make sure we are able to anchor the more positive thoughts. And be able to stay in control of what we choose to give more thought to.

Share in the comment section, what you think about 90% of the time. Is it Positive or Negative?

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