Dealing with my Emotions

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen

Testimonial Time


We are in the information age of new technology, this can be over whelming to my brain.  Some would call it sensory overload

Sensory overload occurs when the body senses more than one sensory at one time. I can say sometimes I get on my Facebook page, and go down my news feed. Sometimes it gets difficult to process certain emotions. One minute I feel sad, the next I see or read something that make me feel happy, then the next micro second I feel angry then happy, sad then angry again. Then before I know I went into a emotional shock and now I cant remember what I was about to do next. Or Sometimes I can sit at my computer and then completely forget what I opened it up to do. I know we all have those moments when we go into a room and forget what we came in for. Or the moment when we open the fridge door and forget what we opened it for. I would blame it on vitamin deficiency. But now I see a trend with myself. If I am emotionally balanced, I am on task and can remember things quickly. But if I have heard or watched something depressing, I get wishy washy and off task and have the tendency to procrastinate everything until I feel better. For me I know my emotions are sensitive to my environment. I learned that I can easily get socialized into becoming angry and depressed because I have had many traumatic experiences throughout my early years. The damaged emotions are still healing and easy to fall back into familiar habits. Being aware of the things that trigger these unpleasant emotions allows me to stay centered by quickly recognizing what is happening and changing my thought process. Practicing these mindfulness activities continue to strengthen my mental focus.

Study your emotional state of being, are you well balanced or is there room for improvement?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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