What are we Thinking 90% of the Time?

Good Morning Ladies
Testimonial Time!
I recently googled how many thoughts we think in a minute, I found so many different answers the closest most researchers agreed on was 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. I calculated that using, the lesser thoughts, at the minimum that is 34.7 thoughts a minute.
Did you know the thoughts we think plays a key role in our health, especially how we see ourselves and how we think other people view us. I recall being overly concerned about how others saw me. I had just gotten out of the hospital and was in a very bad shape, so I thought. My long hair which was my glory had got shaved off. I walked with a cane, and couldn’t hardly talk. I had to wear a huge pick helmet, I remember feeling so embarrassed, all I wanted to do is sleep my life away. I didn’t have the strength or the mental awareness to control my thinking, I was so angry at myself, that anger lead to many other thoughts of negative feelings. Those negative feelings kept me suspicious. Because I always were overly concerned about my appearance, I thought everyone was thinking the same think I was. The thoughts were negative, I became negative and my world was negative. I became so angry with myself. I started not caring for myself. I remember going into a deep depression for a time, I was functional going to therapy and communicating with others. But on the inside, I felt alone and misunderstood, the toxic emotion called anger will seep out everytime my mind would muster up some factitious situations, about what someone thought about me. I would think that everyone looked at me as if I was disgusting, my feelings would be so hurt, that it would quickly turn to anger. The origin of this type of anger was delusional and stole much of my energy, My physical body was already compromised. Now with new anger, my heart would beat fast. And I would eat comfort food to make me feel better, I have already lost a lot of weight in those hospitals and I didn’t have an appetite..

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