Overcoming Brokeness

3 things we need to understand about being broken.

Many of us have known nothing but being broken, we have lived some messed up lives. Pain and suffering has been woven in our character, the very fiber of our being is always looking for trials and tribulations. Therefore we have made ourselves attracted to gloom and doom. made poor choices, created poor situations and made some extremely bad decisions. The main point is we are recovering from situations and circumstances, that we might have created ourselves in most cases. Now that we are coming into an age in time where we are able to uncover the hidden secretes in our hearts that has caused us so much pain. This pain is keeping many of us from discovering who we really are. We are living in a shadow of pain and suffering. We go to church and get a quick fix, Go to conferences to get fixed. we stay ok for a while. then the pain and suffering of being broken sneaks back in and rob us of our full potential. Then we find ourselves needing some external help to fix us up again. On a good note we can live an uplifted life and still be broken. Yes still be hurt and in pain and still suffering. The Key is understanding yourself, your triggers of your despair and how to learn to quite the noise that comes in your mind, that will hold your hope hostage.

  1. We don’t have to overcome being broken to live
  2. We don’t have to have it all together before we can be happy
  3. We don’t have to keep searching for a breakthrough to fix us.

Yes indeed, we don’t have to overcome being Broken to live. me living in a constant state of ups and downs, feeling low one minute then the very next moment i feel good about myself. it was my thoughts that was playing games with my emotions, making my blood boil at moments, my thoughts would make my gears grind, the craziest thing i realized. Was that everything that was going on with me was internal. and i could control all internal things. The things i could not control was the things outside of me. That is when I learned how to control my thought life, and once I was able to control the thoughts that were pooping up in my head. i was able to control how i was feeling. So i choose to feel happy and excited about the future. i decided to monitor my thoughts like i monitored my my children when they were newborns, i wouldn’t let them out of my sight. that is how i am able to live and still be broken.

Another thing, We don’t have to have it all together to live an uplifted life. even when i feel a little brokenness leaking out, I don’t have to be on hold to unwarranted feelings , to be happy. i can be a little leaky and still be happy. I should be found walking in integrity and never offend or disrespect anyone. And i should not have to feel like i need to be perfect at everything and have  everything in order to be fulfilled. an example i might struggle with not being smart enough on a certain topic or subject. i should not let that stop me from being my best person, i can be for myself. i might not be as smart as someone else. they might be well versed in that practice. No one should feel the need to be perfect to live an uplifted life.

Lastly, we don’t need to keep searching for that euphoria that we think is a prelude of a breakthrough. This can be an  illusion that might cause us to think that our feelings  has the ability to be truthful. when in fact most times, those of us that has went to church on Sunday get all filled up with this feeling of wonderfulness, then the next hour it is gone. What is this? This can be a sign that our feelings has tricked us into thinking that an outside stimuli has more control over us. When the truth is we can are in control of our inner manual. Unless there might be a potential for a type of chemical imbalance in the brain, Then we should seek to get professional help immediately. Nevertheless if we are not showings signs and symptoms of a deep chemical depression. then we can take it upon ourselves to Live even while we are recovering from being in Brokenness.

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