What is My Reason To Celebrate?

I was told to go where i am celebrated, to go where people love to see you coming, and don’t want to see you leave, as i ponder on who wants to see me coming and who don’t want to see me leave. i can’t help but to think of me, yes myself, my person. The i am in the inside of me. I was once tossed in the mist of a stormy situation, the skies were blue and the darkness was consuming my light ( consciousness ) , in the month of July and the 24th day, a human being had made a profound statement. ” She is not going to make it” an overstatement no loved one wants to hear. members of a family was gripped with the fear of what if, what if she don’ t make it, what if she is unable to live a normal life, what if she cant remember who she is. the what if’s of a lie. To my own surprise in a grim life or death situation i did make it. when so many others has become the defining phrase of She is not going to make it. Guess what She made it. That is a reason to Celebrate. I Love Life and i will celebrate life where ever i go until i cross over. im sure it is another life on the other side of Consciousness.

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