Dealing with Fear


Job 3:25New International Version (NIV)

25 What I feared has come upon me;

what I dreaded has happened to me.

Think about what Job feared the most. If we really think about this and take a closer look at the scriptures, Job offered up a lot of prayers to God daily on behave of his children, think about what the scriptures don’t say. It didn’t reveal anything about the children worshipping God. It did say they had many feasts. I’m not saying Job had bad or disobedient children. But the bible clearly says in Job 1: 1-5 that the children would have feasted on their birthdays and afterward Job would send for them to be purified and offer burnt offerings in case, the children MIGHT have sinned against God in their hearts.

Ok, First of all, I am not a religious woman, nevertheless, wise enough to recognize truth when I see and hear it. Job feared that something would happen, even though he was considered an upright/righteous man. His faith still got tested. The thing he feared the most happened to him because of fear. Fear is a tool the enemy of our souls, use to control us and have us in a Hopelessness and place of despair. I am not saying that Job. Could have avoided this thing that happened to him. But what I am saying F.E.A.R. can be a trick that will make you think something is going to happen and it won’t. It could be False Evidence Appearing Real. and in the we weary ourselves almost to the point of death worrying about things that has not even happened.

Share a testimony of something you feared that did not come close to a reality of yours.

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