I Consider myself loved by the universe!

Well, what do you know? Yesterday came and went and Marked to the 9th anniversary of that terrible thing that happened to me. I’m not mad anymore I almost forgot. Funniest thing. I participated in a research study for Stroke Survivors, over the past weekend. I meet one of the participants there. He informed me that that day was the 2nd year anniversary of the stroke he had. 2 years ago. Then it donned on me that i=it was the month of July and I wasn’t resentful or angry anymore. Last, year was noted the first year, I didn’t tear up when I talked about what happened to me. And this year, I’d almost forgot. I guess the saying is true. Time heal all wounds.
I must admit this thing, through me for a loop. It was days, that all I thought about was, how my future would unfold as being crippled by life circumstances. My hand, my arm and how would I live without the correct function of them. There were mornings when I would be so discouraged, that I couldn’t do my hair or cook what I wanted to cook. I wanted to give up. I am not going to lie. All the time being grateful for life and new days and a thorough understanding of the redemption plan for humanity. I still was depressed at my half quality of life. And still ti this hour, I have moments of wishful thinking.
I’m guessing I’m writing this letter as another milestone, I have climbed over. I can say being Emotional Intelligent about my feelings and understanding this diagnosis I was giving. Has helped me understand the process of grieving and the feelings I feel on a daily. Sometimes, I look at people hands and how they move and wish that was my hands. Or look at someone who doesn’t have any with limited function. And become grateful. Again. I am learning it is all in how we perceive a thing. I tell myself. I am a conquer, and life will just have to deal with me. I consider myself loved by the Universe.

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