The Day That Changed my life Forever: What Anger/ Stress did to my body?

Read this blog, you don’t want to miss out on a true story. That might have the potential to save a life


As I reflect back on past relationships, circumstances and events, I replay this one the most. That day that changed my life forever

Here I am at the hospital again I thought to myself, another IV, the nurse ordered a CT scan, I had come through the ER with the of my worst headache of my life. I had never felt that type of pain before it was strange and different, I had been Taken 800mg Ibuprofen every 6 hours around the clock since I had been discharged from the maternity ward a week earlier, (I would learn later that taking a NSAID might have made the Bleed worse.)I was in pain in my leg and had a bad case of hemorrhoids, I was all messed up. It didn’t dawn on me what was going on. I am a fighter, I thought I would go get myself checked out and…

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