Where do you Live? Are you living your choice?

Are you Living in your choice? The Present, Past or the Future
Hello, I’m writing you, to remind you, how living in your choice can benefit you and everyone around you. Sometimes we as humans can get so caught up in what has been and what should be or what could be. The Next thing we tend to do is get into anxiety mode and reminisce too much on the past and get stuck there. This can be bittersweet.  To look back on the fun healthy memories of past times events, vacations, and milestones and continue to build a momentum to continue living a healthy life. Or it can become bitter, remembering past hurtful times, that keeps some of us imprisoned with fear of something might go wrong again.
The Good news is we have a choice and to choose how we spend our moment’s thinking is certainly in our own power. And if not we can totally, learn by practices of controlling our thoughts.
9 years ago, I had this terrible thing happen to me, I had a stroke, a brain bleed and underwent several surgeries to correct the problem. In the severity of my condition at the time, I lost my mobility, I was completely paralyzed on the left side of my body, which made it impossible to care for myself, let alone my newborn baby I had just given birth to a week prior. I was stuck and was extremely angry, all I thought about was what I had did when I was younger that I deserved this thing that happened to me. A movie played on the screen of my mind like a motion picture, every mischievous thing I did as a child replayed over and over making it almost impossible to consider what was happening in the present or how could I plan for the future. I was stuck in a dark situation.
Luckily, I was surrounded by people who cared for themselves enough to bring light into my world of gloom and doom. My sister purchased me a holy bible full of hope and promises, that lifted my spirits, my thought life began to change, I began to hope again. I began to live in the present.
5 tips to live in the present
1.    Be calm and relax your mind when feeling anxious
2.    Write down what you need to accomplish for the day
3.    Think optimistic thoughts even when faced with adversity
4.    Read inspirational quotes
5.    Surround yourself with happy, content people
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