3 Reasons To Trade In Bitterness For Betterness And Why.

Pain and rejection are two of the hardest unpleasant feelings to manage. Because we have no way of erasing the past memories of a tragic experience, we often keep going back reliving the very thing that upset our lives. From experience, I have personally been rejected from the person who was supposed to love and protect me unconditionally, not only did this individual do me a disservice, it felt like they took a  knife and stabbed me in the back then took it out and stabbed me in the heart. The act they did to me was, unethical, unlawful and universally unconstitutional, Nowhere in the history of the universe did a person suppose to do their loving daughter like that. Without going into great detail. I will be safe and leave it at that for now. The thing they did could have sent an average person on a mental breakdown journey and trying to  gain their Dignity back. Because this thing was so embarrassing, I wanted to move out of town. and not face any of my friends. I had been lied to, lied on, cheated, emotionally and finically abused, mislead, misguided, stripped of my self-esteem and set up for failure. As I think of the events that lead up to this. The question that Kept Echoing in my head was his words, Veronica you will always have a place to stay. Why would he say something like that, knowing good and well he had different plans, that everyone knew about but me. As compromised as my body already was. The biggest question I had was why, Why did he do this to me. The craziest thing in the world had happened to me. the unbelievable. I couldn’t cry because my heart wouldn’t allow me to, my mind was confused and my heart and body was broken. I was already recovering from a stroke I had in 2007 that really did damage to my body and certain areas in my mental faculties. My dad had rescued me when I was sick, he came to visit me every day, got the crooked out my neck. told me hundreds of stories of him growing up in the south. Took us in a cared for my newborn daughter. He nursed me back to health only to drop me a few years later.  But through it all, I had to let go of those tormenting emotions and forgive. It is not easy to forget but I had to forgive how I felt I was set up by My dad’s son a child he had with another woman other than my mom. After I moved out of the house i was promised. Their entire family moved in. His mom, Brother and all. My sister and I spent countless dollars on fixing that place up. My dad had gotten it for a little to nothing. It was right across the street from his house. It was the perfect set-up for me  and my 4 small children at the time. Just in case I got ill again and the children would be close to my parents since my body was still under reconstruction. Nevertheless, not soon after we put sweat, pain and tears in this house gutting it, rehabbing it, painting it, ripping floors up, remodeling it. you name it we did it. to make it feel like a home. It did for a season until my illegitimate little brother moved in the basement after his mom strategically gave up her home and their family was displaced. Funny how he needed a place to live after we made that house our home. Within 5 years I packed my bags and left being financially exploited, paying all the bills while a family of 4 lived in the basement living  it up like superstars . As i left I could still hear the echoing  of my dad’s voice “Veronica you will always have a placed to stay”. Now that I’m on my own and renting a house from a landlord. I know the God of righteousness will see my willingness to forgive and let go of what could have held me, hostage in unforgiveness. I believe Automatic doors will open for me and give me my hearts desire ( a house I can make my home).

5 Reason to trade in bitterness for betterness

  1. Hurt turns into anger and turns into revenge and revenge can be dangerous and someone can get hurt physically.
  2. Bitterness turns into sickness that manifest  in the body
  3. Betray and rejection can make us suspicious and not want to ever trust again.

These 3 reasons are enough to knock us down to a point where we feel it would be useless to get up. But I’m here to tell you these things will make us better if we allow them to.

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