Being Healthy Minded

Being Healthy Minded,

Hello There, I will be the first to admit, with all the happy thoughts we can muster up and think about, we will definitely face adversity, Please, ask me how do I know.

We can practice thinking good thoughts about things, people and situations all day long.

Nevertheless, something is bound to happen that will knock you down and influence a negative thought process, how long we stay in that negative zone is completely up to us.

How about this: I have a 14-year-old -daughter that has been suffering from depression for the last 2 years, her behavior had started to change, so I did some research and decided to get a family counselor. I was 14 once and could remember the same patterns of some things that I was going through as a teenager. I have seen things get better for a day then worse for the next 2 days. Our family therapy mixed with the parenting classes. Has taught me how to manage Self-Care in dealing with all this,
Well, as I write this letter, just last night my Child got so angry at me she flushed my phone down the toilet. Now the thing has severe water damage.  I was livid, I didn’t know what to say or do, one of the first acronym for parent is Patients, at that moment my patients went out the window.
Ask me what I did, What, did you do Veronica?
I reacted instead of respond, yep I get a F for failure, as a parent I failed and gave into the temptation to react.
I said all this to say it is not easy to be Healthy Minded 100% of the time, we fall and we will fall again and again but how long we stay down is what matters,
So after I realized what I had done, I apologized and kept moving forward, I started thinking healthy thoughts about her and her current situation, more determined to figure out a way to effectively communicate with her.

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