Life Will Happen again

Life will happen while life is still happening, meaning while you are in the mist of a storm, here comes another storm and the previous storm hasn’t even past yet.

Ok. today I went to see my primary Dr. only to get some irritating news. You see I had a severe, brain stroke 9 years ago. This type of stroke can alter your life in many ways. For me, I was left with an inability to walk, talk, or perform my everyday ADL’S ( activities of daily living ) I had become totally paralyzed on the left side of my body. It took me years to walk without falling, with practice, I have overcome the fear of falling, I still don’t go out in the rain or snow unless it is absolutely necessary.  I also suffer from spasticity ( tightening of muscles ) this is extremely uncomfortable for me. the pain can be a nag at times. it can cause your extremities to become contracted and deformed. luckily for me, I have practice wearing the correct gear the prevent certain deformities. it is hard work, trying to keep a damaged body from becoming more damaged. two months ago, I was in a car accident, that knocked the wind out of me. I went to see my PCP ( primary care Physician ) and as usual, I had to undergo the test to see if any new, damage was done to my brain. Well what was found, was a mass on my Thyroid gland.  So  the further test was done, an ultrasound of my Thyroid to be exact. today I received the news of the report. that multiple  cysts were found in my Thyroid Gland. I sat there in shock, the first thing that came to my mind was cancer. But because I have an awareness of the power of negative thinking, I quickly changed my thought process. I began to visualize the mass on my neck being dissolved into absolutely nothing. Call me crazy, but I refuse to entertain the possibility,   of the death of me by cancer. Every since I could remember I have always declared to myself, I was going to die,  old and warm in my bed. when I came home a bunch of thoughts bombarded my thinking like you are going to die and you haven’t done everything on your bucket list. all these thoughts of gloom and doom. it wore me out so bad, I had gotten drained in my own thinking. as I even think right now, when did I stop fighting those negative thoughts. I wake now and is determine not to carry that thinking over into the next day. And it happened. I was able to change my thinking. I just put the health situation in its proper place. In the back of my mind until it is time to deal with it. I refuse to allow these negative thoughts change my mood.

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