We Crave Freedom

(It) can happen to anyone of us, and those we love the most. Our lives can change in a blink of an eye, mine did. I was a healthy adult just entering my thirties, when my life completely changed, I went from a vibrant young mother of 4 with a promising future on my way to becoming a Nurse Practitioner to a bed bound patient in a matter of seconds. It is a disability that can come in our lives and steal our quality of living with dignity and ruffle our independence. I would love to see everyone treated equally and with respect.


Greetings Everyone,

My name is Veronica Coney, mother of 4 children Licensed Practical Nurse and Stroke survivor going on 10 years. First I want to say” Blessed be the one who has endured the agony of losing their mobility or integrity has been compromised and still has the courage to face each day. Second blessed be the caregivers that have sacrificed their lives to care for ours.

July 25th was the day I woke up without the activity of my limbs. A week prior I had given birth to my daughter. Hurt and frustrated, I mourned the loss of the mobility I was accustomed to.  It wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think about what I was missing, like being able to care for my children or do the simple things like button pants, tie shoes, do hair, bathe, and feed myself. All these little things people take for granted. It was a time, I woke up in mourning and went to sleep mourning, the loss of my stuff.


An SAH (subarachnoid Hemorrhage) sent me to the ER. With the worst headache of my life ( classic Symptom), an emergency craniotomy was performed to release the pressure off my brain. My ICP ( intracanal presser) was noted being 45. It was a race to save my life. Several surgeries later 3 years of intense therapy and learning how to walk, talk and think straight again. Having an issue of epilepsy after the last major surgery (Cranioplasty).  It is safe to say I am doing better, 9 years later, I still suffer with server spascity partially paralyzed on my left side, severe headaches and unable to work in my field of study.

Nevertheless, This is just my story of this disability I deal with everyday, it is not fun when we face certain obstacles. Even though the disability I have, it might appear I can function at a great level of independence as far as walking and talking is concerned but the pain is horrific. Over the last 9 years I have spent thousands of hours reading aloud to myself to work on my speech and thousands of hours doing sitting to stand exercises to strengthen my left leg. Im nowhere near 100% yet but the next 10 I will be closer to my goal of running again one day.


what about the hundreds of thousands of people that are bedbound or are confined to a wheelchair? What about the people that has developmental disabilities and never really knew what living independently is about. What about all of us, I just recently found out some things about ADAPT and their passion to provide society with the education it needs that will provide a safe-haven for everyone in society to enjoy. I am a voice that speaks from first-hand experience the challenges people with disabilities face and the freedom we crave.

I need sponsors that will help sponsor my trip to Washington DC in May of 2017. Thank you in advance for your contributions

Here is a link where you can sponsor me online


Click sponsor a runner then Search My name Veronica Coney

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