Confidence Is Won With Avon

Hello there, good people, welcome to my Avon Blog. My name is Veronica Coney and I first became aware of Avon at an early age, my parents were Avon Representative when I was a small child. Our house was filled with boxes of Avon products from one end of the kitchen floor to the other end, I remember, helping fill the orders, every other week as I know now, they’re main products I filled was bubble bath and skin so soft, I will never forget, people loved that stuff. I still can smell candid  perfume  my mom  wore on Sundays when we went to church, My dad’s favorite was wild country, the smells never go away, every time I smell wild country I think of my dad and filling those orders all night  you see my dad worked for a manufacturing candy  company in Chicago as a forklift operator, As the story goes, my mom became an Avon rep. not knowing what she was doing, she asked my dad to take a brochure to work one day, and before they both understood what was happening,  they became president club members way back then.  I know for a fact they didn’t understand the benefits from being a Representative in Avon because somewhere in the shuffle of life. They both abandoned the business they had grown. They had many reoccurring customers who ordered faithfully. I and my siblings filled the orders and we had to get it right. Now, fast forward 3 decades later and here I am Veronica Coney a Avon rep Running a campaign called Confidence is Won with Avon. I tried to reclaim my parents fame in 2015, it didn’t work that well because I was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone to ask anyone to look at my brochure. So I went some place and had several seats away from people. I was still using Avon products. I was able to share my brochures with people who I knew loved Avon and learned the books and how to approach people I didn’t really know.


Just wearing and using Avon Products gave me a sense of confidence, a kind of high esteem that made my feel good about myself. Did I mention I suffered a Brain stroke in 2007 a week after I had my last child? My life was turned upside down, going through several brain surgeries with in the first few weeks to stop the bleeding on my brain. I sure one of those surgeries stole my confidence and weakened my self -resolve,

Now these last 11 years has been a Journey for Me. I can Say Avon has been one of the greatest companies that  helped  me regain my independence in more than 1 areas in my life, feeling beautiful and   affording to be beautiful on the outside as I continue to work on my insides… I Shout it to the Mountain Top, Confidence is Won with Avon…

Find the latest Fashions,  Jewelry. Fragrances, Make-up, Skincare, Bath & Body, Home, Toys , Essentials and much much more


Take a look at my Avon website by visiting


You Make The World Beautiful!!!


Your Avon Lady! Veronica Coney


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