It All Starts In The Mind



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Table of Contents

Short Story…

Introduction………. It All Starts In The Mind

Chapter 1

Understanding your thoughts and Basic Functions od Th Brain

Chapter 2

The Power of our Thoughts

Chapter 3

The Influence of Negative Thoughts and what they do

Chapter 4

Positive Thoughts and Their Incredible Abilities

Chapter 5

How To Develop A Strong Mental Attitude

Chapter 6

Two Things To Do To Help Aid in Maintaining A Strong Positive Attitude

Chapter 7

Train Your Thinking

Chapter 8

Being Mindful

Conclusion and Summary

Who Is Lucky 7?












Short Story

June 15th, 1976 at 1:56am a little brown wide-eyed girl entered the Universe feet first. A force or even herself along wouldn’t allow the tiny body to position itself naturally to be born of a woman.

Doctors administered a C-Section (Cesarean Section:  a surgery performed if mother or baby are at risk. Mom was happy to have delivered a healthy baby girl.  She had birth 9 children in total, the 4 that survived were brought into the world by a cesarean Section only.

The other infants were stillborn but a set of twins lived a few days then went back into the universe. This is one happy mother to have birth 4 healthy living children. Her joy is no match for her sorrow of having 5 children go back into the universe.


As that child grew she was told she was special being the 7th of nine children. Everyone claimed her as lucky 7, this is a lucky kid,. As an old southern saying “7 is for good luck. Full of hope and a promising future.

The sayings go: God created to heavens and the earth in seven days

There are 7 days in a week.

Seven colors in the rainbow

There are seven wonders of the world. (ancient world)

In Hebrew traditions states seven is the number of intelligence.

In the Holy Bible some believers believe seven is the number of completion and perfection and the list goes on.

As her environment would shape her thinking on how special, lucky and smart she was, she learned her ABC’s at the age of 1. Extended family numbers gathered around to hear her ability to recite the Lord’s prayer at the age of 2. Her independence flourished, not wanting any help putting on her clothes and shoes at this tender codependent age. This child mind was conditioned with confidence, praise, and motivation. Everyone around her spoke words of encouragement and she was center of attention. Giggles echoed the house when she was asked who she loved the most, her mother or father, “my daddy” she would whisper under her breath hoping her mother wouldn’t hear. Loud laughter burst out as family members teased her mother about the child’s response.  Kisses of good nights, and cuddles of loving hugs embraced her at moments of fear. Reassurance reached her subconscious mind. Growing up knowing she was special, lucky, and smart.  She just knew within her heart that no matter what happened in her life that things would work out for her because she was a lucky child.

As this child began to develop as a young teenager and her awareness grew kin of the dysfunctional conditions of her family life, outside influences gripped her attention.  She picked up some crude and usual behavior, living in an environment once had manicured lawns, caring neighbors that worked mostly industrial jobs in the City, one corner store and community that talks to each other, was now ravaged with drugs and every element that comes with it. For a long time, she and her friends refused to partake in the daily destruction of being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or sex. Nonetheless, peer-pressure overtook them and they began to overindulge in illicit behavior. The first time she smoked` a joint was offered be a young man standing on a porch with his girlfriend, many times they had turned the offer down, but this day, her and 2 of her closet friends took turns puffing on the tightly rolled joint. Uncontrollable laughing and giggling burst out of the lungs of these 3 young ladies.  They laughed and laughed at everything that went by. That was the beginning of one of the girl’s serious addiction to street drugs. The lucky child and her good friend started to sell drugs that came plentifully on her own block. Lucky number 7 could come outside her house and see drug deals all day long. Just like that in a blink of an eye overnight, it had become an unusual norm, the neighbors had gotten scared to call the police in fear of retaliation from drug dealers and gangbangers. Because the cops that were controlling the beat were crocked and perpetuated many of the crimes, drugs, and violence, for reasons unknown was condoned by these cops. If it was greed, boredom, abusing their authority, or just plain evil. No one knows or even bothered to investigate that problem. You would hear stories on how the cops would rob the drug dealers, or take them to an opposite gang area, leave them there to get beat up, and even plant drugs on them, tell them to give them a gun and they would let them go. But trick them if they gave up a gun or not. The drug dealer or gang member would still go to jail, and there was nothing he or she could do about it but be mad.


Lucky number 7 rebels against her parent’s authority, and acts out in mean and disruptive behavior, to makes matters worse, her parents’ marital problems were becoming worse. And she used that in every way she could to perpetuate her bad behavior.


Then Young adulthood came around and she found herself with a felony, 3 children and a dead-end job, how did she recover from this situation?





 It all starts in the Mind: Perception is everything

It all starts in the Mind; Perception is a result of an external stimulus that sends messages to our brain from an outside source.  We all are born knowing nothing. Everything we are taught comes from the first people or things we encounter, parents’ teachers, TV, music, whatever that is in our environment shapes and makes our perception in life. If you were born in extreme poverty or lack of necessities, your perception about life, might be a learned behavior to do without or settle for what you can get Or one might begin to take things from others to gratify their selfish desires, this depends on the morals and values that seen in that environment. If you were born into extreme wealth, your perception might have a learned behavior of getting everything you want, when you want it and taking whatever, you want and might be bored with life because there is no limit to what you can get. No matter what your start might have been. The mindset can be improved upon, by its owner; with daily Practical principles to practice you can overcome any obstacle in life and live a healthy well-balanced life.

Life can be overwhelming at times especially for those that grew up in an environment that lacked persistence, motivation, and disciplined. These are qualities needed for growth and to achieve certain goals in life.

Some people fear living life because it’s like a mystery, people fear things they don’t understand. An example of this is seen in everyday conversations. Many people talk in competition with one another, complaining about their situation is worse than the other person they are conversing with when it comes to a fearful mind.  It can sound like this:

Bob “hey Jill did you see the news this morning about what happened to that lady on the bus,

Jill “Yes I saw that it’s a shame what they did to her

Bob “I know I remember when I was taking the bus to work July 3, 1965 it was a Tuesday I will never forget it was a day before the 4th of July and some guys hit me over the head and took all my money”

Jill “well listen to this I was riding the bus one day. I got off to cash my check to pay my rent and two tall men about in their late fifties or sixties pulled a gun out and told me they were going to kill me if I didn’t give them all my money. And you know what that was the last day I took the bus anywhere. I haven’t ridden it since.”

Bob “ me either I don’t take it nowhere, that taught me something, it’s better for me just to stay in the house and keep to myself.

Jill “Well I go certain places but im not taking no bus. If somebody can’t pick me up im not going.


Bob “I don’t blame you me either.

Jill “That lady is probably going to feel the same way, they beat her, robbed her, and sexually assaulted her. I know she ain’t NO MORE GOOD after that”

Bob “You telling me, I know she ain’t NO MORE GOOD.

Now here is a classic case of a self-defeating conversation.

Bob and Jill have had a traumatic life experience, not denying that, it has left them wounded to the point that they don’t want to participate in certain activities especially if it has anything to do with the bus, their thought life/ Mind-Set has set up a special response to anything that has to do with someone evolving being violated, robbed, and riding a bus. Even though it’s a normal response because they can relate to the robbery. However, their victimized mentality won’t allow them to see their victory and the young woman on the news ability to overcome an adverse situation. They have titled the mind defeating condition as No More Good, a term that help them define themselves and others in a situation like this. This is a self-defeating behavior that creates low self-esteem and is problematic for those trying to keep heathy relationships with people with this kind of low self-esteem. These people view life with a negative connotation. However, with daily practice of renewing the mind. They can see the world through the lenses of being victorious instead of being NO MORE GOOD.

In the next chapter we will gain a simple understanding of thoughts and how they operate.













Chapter 1


Understanding Your Thoughts and Some Basic Functions of the Brain


You may ask, what are thoughts and where do they come from? While there is no direct answer, but thoughts are the precursor for ideas and may stem from feelings, smells, sounds, touch, and sight, yes, all the 5 senses can create a thought.

Thoughts are initiated by objects, like a subject or theme. What if I told you, look how big that cat is over there, your mind will automatically form a thought-image of a huge cat and your head will turn to the object which is the cat, the subject is the cat and the theme is the cat, everything will be about the cat. That is how a thought is initiated etc.

Thoughts form opinions as information is gathered in the mind. A deep analysis of information creates ideas. These ideas, create words, these words create, actions, and actions create habits and habits create behaviors, behaviors form our character, a quote from Frank Outlaw, who said it another way.

We all process information differently to form a thought, we use our thoughts to analysis complex information, We can live our lives through a  self-constructed prison of mental Hell with anger, fear, sadness, frustrations, difficulties in relationships, money, business, health and every other negative ideology  that comes with this mental hell we have created,  or we can also use our thoughts in the opposite manner, in an optimistic thought processes that engage thinking with joy, happiness,  faith, creativity, imagination, the end production of this thought process will bring Growth and development and an ability to expand and create new experiences absent of fear. The latter is the best of thoughts processes that produce good health and an extended life span.

If you really want to understand your thoughts, you must pay attention to your emotions, which can mean energy in motion. Here is an excerpt of someone explaining a negative thought processes they have overcome.

“When I would hear or see something disturbing. I would start to feel uncomfortable, if I couldn’t take action to make it go away or do something about it. I would get angry, frustrated and start ruminating about all the other ways I have been wronged that is not even related to what I saw or heard.  I would usually end up in a deep pit of darkness/funk, and it took me a while to pull myself out of it.” Now im much better with controlling my thoughts and putting them into a proper perspective. Like when I was sick and totally paralyzed on my left side.  All I thought about was the things I could not do anymore, crying one day in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror a thought popped in my head, you’re not dead, you are still alive and you can get better. Then I started being thankful for all the things I could still do. So now when I feel a funk coming on. I start being thankful for how far I have come along.

~ Veronica Coney

It is said that our Brain is like a computer, an automatic switching station, that electrical impulse transmits information from one part of the brain to another part of the body in a form of a thought rather fast. All this take place in the brain.


The Brain: The CNS (Central Nervous System) Consists of the Brain & Spinal Cord

The Functions of the Brain are Control Centers for:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Wisdom
  • Memories
  • And all activities of behaviors
  • All Forms of Physical Movement

The Brain also consist of 4 major regions

  1. Cerebrum
  2. Diencephalon
  3. Brain Stem
  4. Cerebellum

These regions play a crucial role in our ability to maintain homeostasis (to keep our bodies well balanced and in a healthy state).

The Cerebrum: The largest and uppermost part of the brain.

The Cerebrum is the place of intelligence in which provides us with the ability to read, write, speak, make calculations, remember the past, plan for the future, and imagine things that have never existed before.


The Diencephalon:

The Diencephalon: In Short, The Diencephalon consist of Hypothalamus and the Thalamus which relays sensory information to other parts of the brain, that are responsible for producing different emotions, pleasant or unpleasant emotions. Also, is the place that works with the endocrine system that secretes hormones that are vital to maintain homeostasis (to keep our bodies well balanced and in a healthy state) in the body.

The Brain Stem:

The Brain Stem consists of 3 parts, the Midbrain, Pons, and Medulla Oblongata which is an extension of the spinal cord. In short, Grey matter and white matter are present in all three parts and is where the sensory impulses travel to and from the brain and spinal cord.

Controlling functions like heartbeat, respirations, blood pressure, and other vital organs to maintain homeostasis. (to keep our bodies well balanced and in a healthy state.


The Cerebellum:  The second largest part of brain

The primary function of the Cerebellum is normal movements, maintain equilibrium, sustain normal postures, and maintain homeostasis. (to keep our bodies well balanced and in a healthy state).










Chapter 2

                                      The Power of Our Thoughts


Have you ever heard the phrase energy goes where attention flows?

Positive thinking is a creative magnetic force that can explode into incredible abilities, can increase the life span, keep and maintain healthy relationships, and build up a strong immune system that can resist sickness in the physical body and mind as well. Give us more energy by progressively thinking on things that are pleasant.

Positive thoughts are gentle in tone, silent in speech and forever serene, which bring peace and understanding, faith and wisdom and the power to create from a truth and confidence. There was a report in a small town to be expecting a drought this season. Most the people in the town grew concerned and afraid because this was how they ate and payed their bills for the next year. Some complained about the worst thing that could happened. That they would starve and die, others complained that the ground would wither and produce strange things other than what they would have been planted. People started to speak about omens that were passed down through the generations, rumors spread around town that a person had been buried in the fields’ decades ago and the drought was said to be the punishment for the people of the town. and whatever was planted it would grow as something strange or abnormal. The town grew paralyzed with fear. Many men and women refused to go near the field. Some left town that season.

But there was an old man, who brought his seeds to the field to plant.  He did not know if it would grow or not he did not know if it would rain this season, his confidence was in knowing that each seed produce from its own kind was evidence enough to know and understand the power of positive thinking, Nothing could thwart his mind from seeing all creation in the field which grew every year would stop him from planting his seeds. The man’s mind was so positive and full of faith which means complete trust or confidence in someone or something. He thought within in heart” Well if it doesn’t rain this season, it will rain one day, I will just be prepared anyway for when it come, I will be ready to collect my crops.

Every morning for two months the old man went to check on his seeds, with no rain in site, the ground dry and burnt from the sun crying down fire upon its head. Another month went by still no rain. The man did not show an inkling of despair in this heart.   The Towns people mocked the man and said he was crazy and was suffering from a mental illness.  They smirked and laughed at him as he lugged 2 black buckets filled with water to sprinkle on his seeds every morning and evening. Walking like a seesaw back and forth twice a day. The winter months came and went, still no rain. The next season came, and it rained. Finally, it rained. The old man got a full crop more than he expected, and it rained so well until the fields were flooded and he had to wear boots to protect his feet from the mud and dirt. So this is an act of positive thinking, even when things don’t go as planned or the way we need them to go, to fit our own agenda. This old man could of gave up and got into feeling of despair and unworthiness, but he stayed firm on the fact that he knew it would rain one day and every seed is produced after its own kind.




Chapter 3


                   The Influence of Negative Thoughts and what They Do!


Negative thoughts are like vampires/ energy drainers, they will drain you of your motivation, your ability to learn new things, your ability to create ideas, and will attach you to everything that have ever went wrong in your life and even someone else’s life. You will begin to experience self-induced physical pain and agitation. Somehow, your immune system starts reacting to the negative emotions and act out what is being felt. Like, when someone hurt your feelings, if you are a super sensitive person, you might shed some tears, when you start to cry, memories start popping up in your head of every time you have cried, creating some extremely toxic emotional energy, depending on how severe the insult was to your mind / soul, that would be the magnitude of energy that will be directed toward your immune system. Letting out all those chemicals that supposed to help the body are now receiving bad vibes and are acting in a negative way. Therefore, your body is tired, you feel sick to your stomache and your energy is low. If not corrected, the mind will begin to believe everything it sees, hears, and touches, is meant to hurt or do harm. It will develop a self-destructive, self-doubting mindset that will project negative vibes and this person’s body will receive what it puts out. In short- negative thinking retards growth and kills hope and dreams.




Chapter 4

          Positive Thoughts and Their Incredible Abilities:


The Incredible power of Positive thinking lies in perception, the way you view and analyze, an object, subject, or situation. It’s all about whether you believe in the worst-case scenario or the best-case scenario of the end of a thing. This power when used correctly thinking about the best-case scenario will bring a peace of mind and restore hope. For an example a lady got a letter in the mail that her house was put in foreclosure. She knew that she hasn’t paid the mortgage in months, she had been laid off her job for 6 months at this time plus was looking for another job relentlessly. She had listened to a talk on YouTube about the power of affirmations and to practice saying over and over until they become a part of you. They talk mentioned she could create her own affirmations, get them from a book, or whatever meet her fancy. She took the holy bible and remembered Philippians 4: 6-8

By anxious (worried) for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication make your request known to God, and the peace of God will guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus. Finally, breather, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praise worthy, meditate on these things (NKJV). The lady looked up the words in passage to get a better understanding of the words even though she knew what they meant, this was her thought medicine every time she thought about losing her home, her husband had died several months ago, and she had been in deep distress on how she would fair out in life without him. The lady did what the passage of scripture instructed. She meditated on the beauty of trees, flowers and everything that was divine in nature. She saw herself working a good job. One month later. She was able to pay all her backpay on her mortgage and be at peace with her current situation, when she thinks of her husband, she pictures him smiling and being in a better place. This is the power of positive thinking and their incredible abilities… See the best-case scenario in every situation by meditating on good things.


















Chapter 5

          How to Develop a Strong Positive Mental Attitude

As backwards as it may seem, it is not easy smiling and having a positive attitude when it appears that everything around you is falling apart, you are going through H.E. double Hockey Sticks (Hell) hint. It is not easy mental work to smile like your body isn’t in pain or be grateful when your bank account is about to go in the negative.  We are not saying to deny the current reality, but rather put things in perspective using a method of self-awareness.

A strong mental attitude is the ability to rationalize a difference- between your own negative emotional fixations and positive emotional fixations and place them each in their proper places.

Self- awareness, which can lead to self- belief that will keep us well-balanced. In making informed decisions.  A decision in which we have all the knowledge and facts that will secure a certain outcome. If it doesn’t work out as we assumed, we have stored up enough resilience in our Mental Attitude we won’t have a meltdown and go backward into a rut.  We try again and again if need be.
This Strong Mental Optimistic Mind has reserved enough Serotonin and Dopamine (feel good chemicals,) that it remembers how to produce more without any hesitation.
How do we raise our Self-Awareness?
Here is a lesson for you to use at your leisure
Write in your Journal:  How you feel about yourself.
Why do I want this _______ fill in the blank, so bad that I feel sad when I don’t get it.
Why do I feel like this _______ Fill in the blank, when things don’t go the way I planned.
Write these Questions and answers in your Journal. Our Journals serves us as a history book, we will never know where we are going if we don’t know where we come from.  (Sankofa). Self- awareness is the key that unlocks all possibilities within your own self. It is rooted in how we see/ believe in ourselves.

The mind is a tricky thing. Sometimes we see ourselves as we see others. And because we have a negative way we look at others. We see ourselves in the same light. There was a teenager who had to see a psychologist because of her bad behavior in school.  After 3 visits the psychologist finally created a treatment plan for the young girl. The young girl was going through puberty and had pimples on her forehead and cheeks.  She was starting to develop a nasty attitude of talking about her peers badly, how they, looked dressed and walked. She was teasing her friends but in a cruel way. Her behavior reflected how she saw herself.

Unfortunately, many young people don’t have this type of awareness about themselves. To correct this problem of disruptive behavior. Good for this situation that a skilled psychologist was able to help the child by talking to her mom about seeing a dermatologist. Her visits were center around her practice and focusing on self-love, loving herself enough. To think about how she wound feel if someone said bad things about her. The young teenager was very cooperative in her therapy sessions. And did not need meds to help her control herself. She was able to do it on her own.




Chapter 6

                   Two things To Do to Aid help you in Maintaining a Strong Positive and Mental Attitude for better.

As we know by now, energy goes where attention flows. Whatever we focus our attention on is where our energy is being nurtured. Emotions again are energies in motion!

This is what you want to do –

  1. Revisit good memories.
  2. Laugh at good healthy jokes or comedy shows when you start feeling that negative energy coming in.

    Store a good memory of times, events or places that brought you great pleasure, keep this in your memory bank for safe keeping, revisit it when your energy gets low. Trust me it works. Mine is the summer I lost 45lbs the whole entire summer I was winning. A little crept back. But those memories help set a tone for staying healthy, I knew what the feeling felt like. and my desire to relive that feeling will not allow me to stay down in the dumps too long.

    Laughter does the heart good like medicine according -to an ancient proverb. In the holy bible Proverbs 17:22 says: A merry heart does good, like But a broken spirit dries the bones.

Good clean Christian comedy is a healthy good laugh,
a tip, go to YouTube, tip in Tim Hawkins, this man is clean funny, clean jokes, is found to be healthier for the soul.

Chapter 7

Train your Thinking


Combating Stress/ TRAIN Your mind to see The Best in Every Situation

To maintain creative thinking, your consciousness must vibrate on a level high enough to be foolish enough to see a positive outcome in every situation…
I know this sound crazy to escape a reality that many of us have been programmed to think. We have been programmed to choose the worst scenario in situations, circumstances and outcomes. Because our brains are wired to protect us from any potential harm and we live in a society that feeds off gossip, violence, conflict and malice. In which all this stuff sells for a pretty nice penny, we must do a paradigm shift in our thinking. And think of every possible solution that Can go right instead of wrong. An example. My son is 20 now, in his first year of college, we did not allow him to take the 10-hour drive from Chicago to Atlanta.

We all were fearful of him being a new driver on the road and was thinking the worst-case scenario. In his sophomore year he was told he would be able to drive. I know for a fact I had to fight the temptation to think the worst-case scenario could happen while he was on the road. And I started visualizing him safe in his dorm room. This might sound off the wall to some people, but to me I got great pleasure out of seeing him ok and the temptation to stress left. So, when you are feeling anxious or stressed about an impending thing. I encourage you to visualize a different scenario of the situation turning out for the better for everyone involved.


Chapter 8

Being Mindful


Mindfulness/ Your Attitude Determine Your Direction

Have you ever heard a saying, Attitudes is like a flat tire, you are not going anywhere until you change it. How true this statement is to this very day?

Yes! Your attitude can determine your direction in life. Remember when you were in grade school and you heard the teacher say to someone.
“You are not going to get far in life with that attitude young lady”.
I am saying, young lady, because attitudes are usually associated with women.
Nevertheless, men can get into to a real stinky funk as well.
This is a true saying. Our attitudes do determine the direction we take in life.
There are chemicals in the brain called Serotonin and Dopamine when these are lacking, our mood gets low and we get into a bad funk. Sometimes we can get into a funk because we are uncertain about a decision we need to make or get a nasty attitude because someone disagrees with our opinion we have about a touchy subject and you don’t feel good about yourself.

This can lead to deep depression that can lead to self-destructive behavior. In turn causing you to make the bad decision off the strength that you are not caring or believing in yourself properly.  Again, self-Awareness is the key to self- belief.

Conclusion and Summary


How Do You Grow From Here?

If you made it this far, let me tell you who and what the Lucky Seven (7). Lucky 7 is no other than me Veronica Coney the author, I wrote this eBook with the intentions on sharing how to define thoughts and how powerful your perceptions are, In my 42 years. I have been beaten up, shot with an 8-gauge shotgun, survived a massive Brain/Bleed / Stroke. Survived abusive relationships. It took this last decade to realize it all starts in the mind. I was lead to believe by an unknown inner force that no matter what happened. I would be alright. Well, that is how my life have been shaped since I was born. I could recall writing in my journal in my early twenties that I was so angry, “it felt like my head was going to bust”. Lord in behold it did on July 24th, 2007 a week after I gave birth to my last child, I had gotten so angry the night before, that my pressure must have been unable to correct itself, I went to the ER the next morning and didn’t leave for 2 months, learning to walk, Talk, think straight again, in a wheelchair, with a helmet on my head after undergoing a major brain surgery to correct the problem, I will not lie, I was still angry, bitter and envious.  My life had been consumed by this second life-changing traumatic experience. I didn’t know life could be this rough for real, I had only imagined it. But growing up in a rough environment, when the average thought processes are crude, callus, and hostile I kind of felt it coming. I had developed a troubled mind during adolescences, full of gossip, manipulation, trickery, and hostility. Summed up as self-hatred that brings self-destructive behavior that lacks a positive expression as a youth. Don’t get me wrong this was the inner workings of my mind. On the outside, I was a nurse caring to the elderly. Kind, compassionate and loving. But the inner workings of my memory of disappointment, pain, hurt and confusion was tearing my insides apart. And it finally happened that day the body could no longer take the inner mental abuse. And at the given opportunity of a weakness. It gave way.

Nonetheless, understanding the Power of positive thinking taught me how to transform my mind, body and spirit to a completely new me. It is a process and I get better at it, day by day. A lot of this takes practice and comes with time, so don’t worry if you haven’t transformed yourself overnight. The first step though is simply recognizing that all this comes from within. The Short stories were just a way to keep you motivated to see the power in positive thinking, we have the power in us to create a situation or change a circumstance. It All Starts in the Mind.








































































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