What Is Postpartum Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrom?

11 years. 3months later, I finally have a notion of what happened to me a week after I gave birth to a healthy, baby girl. On July 24th, 2007. A rare case, and im not alone, back then it was no known etiology, Healthy mom deliver a healthy baby, then a week later mom goes to ER, with the worse headache of her life, a classic case of a Known symptom of a stroke, and its much deeper than that, Post-Partum Reversible Cerebral Syndrome or Post-Partum Cerebral Angiopathy. How did I find this out after 11 years of coming up with my own diagnosis, I labeled it stress, anger, overworked and everything else to make sense of what happened to me, now these things might have played a significant role in the compromised state my body was in during that time, being weak and vulnerable, However the real culprit was the medications I was prescribed and was taking around the clock to treat the symptoms of PPRCVS. Now im thinking how many women will go through this not knowing what is happening to their bodies. Luckily for Tennis Champion Serena Williams, she knew something wasn’t right and got herself a CT scan. In her case Mommy and baby are doing well and bonding like normal, but what about the thousands of women like myself, who did not have a clue of what was going on and totally trusted the medical Professionals thinking they knew what was best for them. A 2-month stay in the hospital and the mental anguish of not knowing what would become of me or my children lead me on a desperate chase to find God and recover, here I am now asking women to take note of the silent and deadly illness.

Mothers beware, I complained of pain and indeed regurgitated while in labor, a sign of intracranial pressure went unchecked. I couldn’t lift my left leg after giving birth, another sign of left-sided weakness, went unchecked. It all went unnoticed, I was treated as if my muscles in my leg was sore. I was prescribed 800 mg of Ibuprofen, which is an anti-inflammatory agent which is a good thing if, in fact, my ligaments were sore and ruptured, but it is also an anticoagulant. Which is a blood thinner the reason the bleeding on my brain wouldn’t stop after several surgeries? Yes a Craniotomy was performed immediately to save my life the blood vessel in my brain finally gave way and the bleeding wouldn’t stop which caused vasospasm, but wait where did the blood clot come from, that was blocking normal blood flow in the first place. Is there certain clotting factors going on after a woman gives birth ? I don’t know, or could it have come from the fact the Dr. stuck her whole arm in me to remove the placenta, that was the first time, that was done to me, and why didn’t we have this conversation, before I gave birth, that was not apart of my plan. I don’t recall it happening after my 1st child was born and definitely not the middle 2 girls, that Dr. had taken her time and gently massaged my upper stomach until the placenta fell out with both girls. But this time wasnt right, I remember feeling a certain type of way, I can’t describe it now, but it wasn’t right, I was indeed violated. Im almost pissed all over again, but thankfully I was able to recover at least %85 and is alive and halfway well. I found this out yesterday after doing some research on a word my neurologist had given me a few months ago. I can say this is the first time I have known of this and I feel liberated to a certain extent. There is much much more I will be talking about once I find out the relationship between reversible and syndrome and why are both in the same diagnosis/ sentence. How can the 2 exist at the same time? I want to know.



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